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We are now offering spiritual counseling by phone. Please consider calling if you aren't local to us and are seeking guidance and divination.




Who we are



Miss Vivian is a 7th generation

master psychic and spiritual adviser. Vivian has dedicated her life to the practice of healing others and guiding those in need. 

Vivian's expertise in spirituality, crystal healing, tarot and many forms of divination have guided many to peace and success. 

Rose is a young but gifted psychic, guided in the ways of spirituality by Vivian. 

Rose uses her natural gift of empathy to get to the root of any problem, and expertly performs readings and healing sessions in order to solve it.


Palm Reading

        Crystal Healing 

Tarot Card Reading

The centuries old art of palmistry is a form of divination that Vivian has practiced for many years. By using the lines and unique features of your palm, she can give detailed insight into your authentic self, and reveal the Universe's path for you. 

Crystals have been used as a source of healing and spiritual cleansing in many ancient cultures. 

Miss Vivian uses her God given abilities to control and guide the divine energy in the crystals to heal and purify the mind, body and soul. 

Vivian and Rose are master tarot readers, and this reading is a clear and vivid way for the universe to give you all the insight you need to make informed decisions about all areas of life.

While other readings are focused exclusively on the person, the tarot card reading allows Rose and Vivian to use the Universe's power to divine the energy around you. 

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